Unresolved Death Investigations

Death is most always unwelcome, tragic and confusing. Unexplained deaths may need further investigation or further explanation to the existing investigation. We have decades of experience investigating all types of deaths from industrial, suicide, deaths under medical care and homicide. We will be able to review and/or investigate deaths with this experience level and the forthright objective knowledge as veteran death investigators.

Corporate Crime Investigations

We have conducted high profile investigations for several prominent corporations, both publicly and privately held. These investigations range from simple internal thefts to major corporate embezzlements as well as on the job fatality investigations. 


 Insurance Investigations

A majority of investigations involve claims against insurance companies. We will provide factual detailed investigative services to address these cases.

Energy Industry Investigations

We have become involved in cases ranging from simple thefts to intrastate corporate victimization. The unique needs of the industry range from industrial death investigations to potential terrorist activities. 


 Vehicular Fatalities

We have extensive experience with major fatality collisions. In addition to accident reconstruction needs, we can provide witness and victim interviews, scene response and photography and liaison with investigating law enforcement agencies.

Sports Investigations

We have provided significant investigative services while being contracted by a major professional sports league. We have conducted detailed investigations and provided services to include arena security vulnerability assessments. We have a unique understanding of professional athletes, college athletes and their issues stemming from being high-profile athletes. We can vet amateur recruits and potential professional draftees.

Missing Persons Investigations

We have experiences in investigation ranging from a teen runaway, elderly health-related instances to obvious foul play circumstances. 


 Computer Forensics

Cyber issues such as inappropriate use of technology are prevalent in an overwhelming amount of investigations. Our associates can deliver information on computer activities, smartphone usage and a host of other technical issues.

Environmental Investigations

Our investigative experience involved litigation in one of the largest environmental case in the country. We developed a unique understanding in the investigative process of these types of cases.

Health-Related Investigations

We have investigative experience in accusations of medical malpractice. We have had experience in high profile investigations of this nature. We have associates which include an MD and other health professionals. 


 Victim Advocacy

In the area of criminal victimization there are many complex issues to be considered. There are no other investigators in this area that have the experience that we can deliver. We have decades of combined experience dealing with the legal systems in Oklahoma. We are able to make certain that a victim’s rights and needs are responded to.

Interviews and Interrogations

Decades of investigative experience required us to develop outstanding skills in interview of witnesses and interrogation of suspects from property crimes to multiple murder situations. Many times professional interviews will deliver critical information to substantiate witness accounts, provide incriminatory information from a perpetrator and provide an accurate detailed picture of critical situations.

Background Investigations

Many reasons exist to conduct exploratory background investigations to make certain that proper decisions are made in employment, disputes and personal decisions. Excellent information assists in making informed decisions. 


 Independent Municipal Investigations

On multiple occasions we have been contracted to investigate small municipal agencies who require a 3rd party investigation independent investigation on issues ranging from petty to serious criminal infractions.

Domestic Investigations

We have investigated situations of tragic family circumstances which range from mental health issues to intentional stupidity. We have experience in supporting the legal system in guardianship and estate issues to fulfill needs or property inventory, documentation of financial issues and other relevant needs of courts.


Whether it be a personal injury case, workers comp case or a domestic-related issue we will provide an objective assessment to you concerning surveillance options.